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Dream. Believe. Achieve.

It all starts with a dream...

Watching your child find their passion and purpose is one of the best gifts we can offer at HDA! Our commitment to valuing and celebrating the uniqueness of every student allows your child to share their dreams and express themselves. When your child is supported – by and with their peers in a joyous, sharing community, with quality and consistent instruction – they can become their most amazing selves! #dreamsstarthere

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HDA is more than just great dance...

and your Happiness is GUARANTEED! This isn't just a slogan, it's our commitment to the community that has helped build our dream over the past 25 years. We're beyond excited to welcome you and your child and know that it can sometimes take a few weeks for you both to feel comfy and settled. If, after attending their first 4 classes, you are not completely happy with the class experience you are welcome to withdraw with nothing further to pay. 

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"My daughter has been taking classes at HDA since 2013. The program and the talented teachers have helped her learn to dance, of course, but this goes into building her confidence, learning to work as part of a team, and being part of a really extraordinary family. The HDA family.

While she’s at dance learning to be confident and a beautiful dancer, I’m attending the many fitness classes where I am sweating and growing strong and confident in my own right.

HDA also has an after-school program. HDA just has so much to offer!

Come join our HDA family!"
                                                              -Kristine (Dance Mom)

Training the heart,
the mind, and the body...


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AGES 6-18



AGES 6-18

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The HDA Dream

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D is for...DEVOTION. In order for our children to become successful in life, a strong work ethic is essential. In the spirit of togetherness, we will encourage open participation with mutual trust and respect.


R is for RESILIENCY! Life comes with disappointments and setbacks. Learning to see these times as opportunities for growth teaches them to become powerful instead of a victim to circumstance.


E is for EXCELLENCE. We will strive to exceed expectations as a studio and in turn, we encourage students to reach personal bests and recognize strengths both in themselves and in others.


A is for ACCEPTANCE. We believe that by providing opportunities to express themselves, individuals can achieve their full potential. Individuals will find they are capable of so much when given the opportunity to dream!


M is for MEMORABLE. We strive to make every encounter magical and meaningful, creating memories for a lifetime. From your first time in the studio to your final bow at your senior performance, we know that the experiences and connections you make at HDA will be some of the most impactful to your life!

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