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  • What makes Hermitage Dance Academy different from other studios?
    The convenience of all-inclusive, year-round pricing! Simplified pricing takes out all the frustrating “extra” payments for recital fees and costumes at the most inconvenient times (i.e. Christmas!). Plus, with 25+ years of experience, we put our reputation on the line and pride ourselves on our curriculum. HDA focuses on the growth of the whole child, not just the dancer, providing a tremendous return of investment for our families!
  • What if I want to add-on dance classes or change my class schedule after I have started my membership?
    A: If you are upgrading or adding classes to your plan, your first 12-month minimum membership will start over. For example, if your child begins a 1 class membership in January, and then you upgrade to a 2 class membership in June, then after May's tuition of the following year, you are allowed to drop without penalty (which we hope you don't!). *Depending on when you are upgrading, you might be asked/given the option to pay an upgrade fee. If “downgrading” your plan (taking fewer classes) your new price would simply take effect the following month (no credits OR REFUNDS).
  • What if I don’t want to take summer dance classes?
    Well, guess what? We don't do summer classes anymore! Instead, we only offer 3 or 4 day summer camps, offered both as daytime/morning and afternoon/evening options to fit every schedule! We now offer the ability to "Pause" your membership! Available for up to 3 months per year (12 months) of your MEMBERSHIP (does not have to be consecutive months). To do this, you Must pay 25% of tuition per month paused to cover the cost of recital costumes/fees that are included in your monthly tuition. Pause requests MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE 24th of the month prior to the month(s) you are wishing to pause. The form to pause your membership can be found under "FILES" in your Parent Portal or click the button below to complete it now.
  • What if I need to take a "break" due to injury, extensive travel, long term illness or some other family emergency?
    We now offer the ability to "Pause" your membership! Available for up to 3 months per year of your membership (does not have to be consecutive months). To do this, you Must pay 25% of tuition each month of pause to hold your spot & continue paying towards recital fees/costumes. Pause requests for DANCE MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE 24th of the month prior to the month(s) you are wishing to pause (with the exception of illness/injury). *If an emergency, please reach out to us immediately. THE FORM TO PAUSE YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS LOCATED UNDER "FILES" IN YOUR PARENT PORTAL or by clicking the button below .
  • Why do you no longer offer trial classes for dance?
    One class is not always sufficient to determine your perfect fit at HDA. We want to give each student and family a chance to truly find their place and become integrated into the fabric of our community. Instead of trial classes, we offer a "Happiness guarantee." If not satisfied after your first month (OR FIRST 4 CLASSES). Email us at and Cancel your Membership, NO EARLY TERMINATION FEES OWED.
  • What does auto-renew mean? What if I want to cancel my membership?
    Enrollment is perpetual (just like a health club) and will continue until you complete a termination form (found under files in your parent portal). Termination requires that you fill out and submit the termination form 30-DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR next billing date (the 1st of each month). The termination form can be found under 'FILES' in your parent portal or by clicking the button below. Early membership terminations will be subject to a 25% Termination fee based on the total number of unfulfilled months left in your first 12-month commitment. If you decide to renew your membership at HDA in the future after termination (we hope so!), you will have to pay the join fee again and start a new 12-month minimum commitment.
  • After I register, how quickly can I get started?
    We only accept new students in classes the first week of every month, so if you are registering after the first of the month, your start date will be the beginning of next month. This is to ensure a smooth transition for new students just starting class!
  • What do I wear to dance class?
    Click HERE to get the current dress code for our dance program! ​ You can pick up everything you need so conveniently at our very own dance boutique located right inside our studio. Click below to visit Dynamic Dancewear's website.
  • What will my child do each day?
    Our preschool students will play, create, learn, grow, dance, and prepare for kindergarten while learning music and movement, body awareness, following rhythms and words, colors, numbers, letters, and so much more!
  • What adult classes do you offer?
    Please check out our full website, dedicated exclusively to our fitness program below!

Still Have Questions ?

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